October 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

The semester is in full swing and people are studying for midterms and dusting off their fall booties. But if you are like me, finding something to wear in this chilly weather can sometimes be a challenge. College days are long with classes and studying, so I always try to lean toward something comfortable that keeps me warm all day. But waking up for an 8:00 a.m. class or pulling an all-nighter the night before and exam can sometimes encourage us to put little effort into what we wear. But I encourage you to follow this Fashionista’s cue and find something comfortable and stylish!

This Fashionista is looking classy for class. It’s fall, so dark colors are back in style. She paired a loose navy blouse with black jeans. Her booties are the perfect way to complete the outfit. These boots are a perfect height because you can tuck your pants in or pull them over. They have a slight heel that makes walking from class to class comfortable. She didn’t forget to accessorize! She added a color coordinating necklace and ring. She wore her monogrammed ring and added an additional necklace. She is also on trend with the latest hair craze, the lob. Overall it’s the perfect casual way to dress for class or walking around campus.

One Simple Change: This look can easily translate from day to night. If you are going out to eat or going to a concert, you can spruce up the outfit by adding more eye-catching accessories and a leather jacket as the weather cools down at night.