October 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Test days (or weeks!) are always some of the most stressful times in a college student’s life. This week, Liberty students are returning to classes after a long weekend for fall break, and classes are hitting hard with tests and projects. Here at Liberty, it is perfectly normal to stay at the computer lab until 2:00 a.m. in leggings and an oversized hoodie, only to get about three hours of sleep before class and leave your dorm in the morning wearing last night’s leggings that you may or may not have slept in, to class.

This Fashionista however, got up and managed to look very chic on a day with multiple tests, only two days after returning to Lynchburg. She chose to wear a simple black T-shirt that has high cut sides, as well as ripped, black skinny jeans. She ripped the jeans herself! To add a little flair to a simple outfit, she chose to layer a maroon leather jacket on top. Her gold Alex and Ani bracelets as well as her clear Lokai bracelet added just enough to the outfit. The jacket is the “wow” piece of the outfit, so keeping it simple with accessories kept it simple and edgy. The black booties with the zipper detail make the perfect finishing touch to this simple outfit that is perfect for a test day. One of my favorite parts of her look though was the black Steve Madden bag. This bag has handles to hold, as well as a long strap in case she wanted to sling it over her shoulder. The bag is the perfect size for a laptop and a notebook, as well as a textbook for last minute cramming! All-black tends to make anyone look put together, even if they are running off three hours of sleep! The edgy look can be perfectly transitioned from day to night as well!

One Simple Change: Say you’re finishing up that dreadfully long class day and you and your friends decide to go out to dinner to celebrate. This Fashionista could add a simple pair of black heels to her outfit in order to transition the daytime class vibe into a girl’s night out look!