October 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Waking up for school is hard, I know. Your alarm clock sounds like the end of the world, your dream is rudely interrupted and you have a terrible exam waiting for you to fill in its bubbles to confuse you on whether or not the back-to-back bubbling of the letter “A” means you’re marking the wrong answer, or your professor is just testing you—don’t you just hate that? However, the remedy to relieving the stress of school is to wear an outfit that brings up your spirits.

This Fashionisto knows how to rock the pavement of his very own campus. Luckily for us, his ensemble is one both genders can rock. Going to class can sometimes be like a workout. Classes are on opposite sides of campus, the rooms are like Alaska and the seats are what I call a back injury waiting to happen. This Fashionisto’s sneakers will work wonders on anyone’s feet. They are comfortable, easy to walk in, stylish and it almost feels like you’re barefoot. New Balance sneakers have been the spotlight stealer, and the best part of its existence is that they are unisex so anyone can strut them. Another wearable piece from this Fashionisto is his denim jacket. Any girl or guy can wear one. It’s cool, laid back and will for sure keep you warm when sitting in those freezing classrooms. It can also serve as an awesome blanket or pillow replacement when you want to lay down on your lunch break!

If you want to recreate this Fashionisto’s look, then grab a pair of jeans that you know will work some magic on your look. Jeans will always be a versatile piece. So if you want to feel comfortable in class and not take too much time in getting ready, they are definitely your go-to piece. The great thing about jeans is the ability to dress them up or down. So if you’re meeting up with group members for a project, you can easily pair it up with a longline white T-shirt like this Fashionisto did or dress it up with a more sophisticated, collared long sleeve for a class presentation.

Going to class doesn’t have to be completely awful. See it as an excuse to experiment with all your clothing. We can all use the motivation to always look good!

One Simple Change: If later on in the day you have a date night planned, you can replace the sneakers for a pair of black booties. You just went from casual to dressy in a matter of seconds!