It’s 6:00 a.m. and you are getting ready for school. The night before you were ready and pumped to look cute and stylish, but morning hits and your body is yelling “sweatpants and Crocs!” It’s so easy to throw on sweats, but this Fashionista is the epitome of how to pair fashion with comfort.

A classic T-shirt is a college student go-to; pick your favorite one from your closet. Instead of wearing the same blue jeans, pair your T-shirt with a colored jean or pant. This adds more color dimension and is much more eye catching. This outfit can go with a variety of shoes, such as Nikes, sandals or Converse, just like this Fashionista. For the upcoming fall weather, a jean jacket is the perfect complement to the attire. Lastly, we can not forget about accessories! Grab your shades, a fall beanie and you are ready for a fabulous day of classes.

Mornings are already tough enough for a majority of people, but attempting to look trendy for a two hour lecture, now that’s harsh. Although difficult, it is possible. Make the extra effort to dress yourself up because it will make you feel so much better throughout the day. I’m not saying go full on bling bling, but an outfit like this Fashionista has on can brighten your day.

One Simple Change: After class, you might want to hang out with your RAD friends and go to dinner. A pair of neutral colored pumps, like black, would be perfect if you are searching for a day to night look.