As a college student, the motivation for being fashionable is a constant daily struggle. Some days, most of us want to just throw on some sweats and head out the door, while other days we want to dress for success. But for me, I see the biggest struggle is being able to stand out against the crowd. Sometimes, our fashion starts to blend in with the norm, and as such, we, Fashionistas, start to feel less and less unique. I ran into this Fashionista who was on her way to class and definitely displayed ways to individualize herself from the basic trends.

This Fashionista is like no other. She seems like she is out of an old movie, sporting a ’50s style that is not common for the regular college girl. Although it is obvious she presents an old yet classic style, this Fashionista modernizes the look well. She keeps the 1950s alive with her white bonnet hat and brown ankle lace-up booties. However, although her gray circle skirt and black and white stripped T-shirt  demonstrate a classy style, it has a more modern look therefore appropriating this outfit into the modern era. This Fashionista ties the top and bottom together with a nicely fit black leather belt. Finally, with her Jack Wills Cromwell leather bag, this Fashionista finishes her college look together beautifully and is ready to head off to her next class for the day and stand out against the college crowd.

One Simple Change: For those chilly days, sometimes a long sleeve top does not always cut it. Add a tan colored peacoat to keep with the theme of 1950s style and to also keep warm in the city cold.