October is a funny month. It’s still holding onto the warmth that was September, but it knows good and well that November, full of cold and windy days, is right around the corner. This kind of back and forth weather makes it a nuisance to dress for a full day of classes. “What if I’m too hot?” “Do I need a scarf?” “What if it rains?” The struggle is real. This Fashionista was able to pull off a fully functioning October ensemble, while at the same time, she was completely comfortable enough to hit the books.

On top, this Fashionista rocks her jean jacket—a necessary piece—atop another staple: a plain white T-shirt. Her jacket is perfect for class, for it gets rid of the, “What if I’m too hot?What if I’m too cold?” stress. Hello, layers! Over this Fashionista’s shirt is a simple but elegant statement necklace. This piece of jewelry does a great job adding a bit of flair to her outfit without overpowering in any way. Let’s just say she’s making a statement.

Dark wash jeans work perfectly with this Fashionista’s outfit. Cuffing your jeans at the ankle instantly gives them a more put together kind of look—perfect for class. Plus, for this specific ensemble, it puts her shoes on full display! The Fashionista’s taupe colored Birkenstocks serves a similar purpose to her necklace—simple, but effective. These open toed shoes serve as both comfort and functionality while walking to class on an indecisive weather kind of day. (Seriously, come on, Mother Nature)

One Simple Change: When the leaves finally change, then after they fall from their trees, this Fashionista’s open toed shoes are not going to cut it. Swap the sandals for knee-high boots or even a pair of black booties, and she’s ready for fall.