October 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

As we have already finished half of the semester, it’s hard for students to keep stylish every day while being thrown down by classes and exams. Those few who can be put together and look chic day by day are who we call Fashionistas! Like the good old saying suggests, one should “always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy.” Your enemy or chance might just be right down the corner, so don’t be sloppy, girls.

This Fashionista clearly knows what I am talking about. From head to toe, she manages to reach a balance between look and function. A timeless classic olive jacket saves her from the ridiculous AC inside classroom. Equipped with multiple pockets, this jacket could not be more convenient. A simple white tank top screams confidence. It’s like she is saying “I don’t need all the doodads to look cool.” You want to be friend with this kind of effortless girl. I want to be friends with this kind of girl. Heck, I want to be this kind of girl.

Not cool enough? Put on a pair of jean leggings. I am jealous of how fit she is. Too cool? How about a pair of nude wedges that is rendering feminine, while not complicating the look? Even her glass look dope. Have you heard of nerd style? Word on street (actually, Vogue), it’s coming back.

One Simple Change: A delicate necklace can perfectly complete her look and give a sense of sophistication for a casual date night.