As soon as the semester gets into full swing it’s hard not to find yourself making trade-offs. This could mean the absence of a social life in order to rack in the A’s or hanging with buds and missing quality library time. Another classic instance is swapping style for comfort, as sweats can be awfully tempting when you’re late for lecture and still practically half asleep. However, as with all good things, balance is key.

This Fashionista I came across with had the balancing act covered. Her outfit caught my eye because it contains a perfect combination of fall staples without overdoing it. The classic and almost uniform varsity stripe burgundy sweater is not only simplistic and polished, but also flattering. Lending itself to both ladies and gentlemen, this classic fall sweater is majorly accessible! So you can even have matching sweaters with a friend or significant other.

To add some edge, this Fashionista chose jeans with a faded wash and distressed details. An outfit like this is perfect for showcasing a lighter wash denim since it complements the sweater’s color and overall look. And, of course, a sturdy pair of Timberlands are sure to last you through the changing seasons. Also, if your campus attracts as much rain as Binghamton’s, you simply can’t go out without an umbrella. In this case, this Fashionista opted for the classic black color, but umbrellas can also be a chance to show off a cool pattern.

One Simple Change: If you swap out the Timberlands for a pair of suede booties, this will give the outfit a polished weekend wear vibe, which will be perfect for anything the weekend throws at you.