If there’s one thing that I learned after going to college, it’s that a really cute outfit always makes class a little bit more bearable. If you look good, you feel good, and we can all use a little something to make our lives seem more together than they actually are. Sometimes it’s inevitable; we roll up to our 8:00 a.m. class in sweatpants and what I like to call a bird’s nest (a messy bun that graces the tops of our heads). It happens, and it’s okay, but we can move past it.

I know that I always admire my peers for putting in a little extra effort before class, and it’s really not that hard! There’s inspiration all around us in this wonderful world of stylish millennials that we call university. Taking notes shouldn’t just stop when you leave the lecture hall.

Check out how this Fashionista put together her perfect class outfit. She chose a comfy jersey knit tank dress, which is great for this transitional weather. She paired the dress with a denim jacket that she bleached herself and some gladiator-inspired brown leather sandals. She accessorized with a small burgundy cross-body bag, wide faced gold watch and layered gold necklace.

One Simple Change: Ready to get your party on after your last class? Switch your look from casual class wear to girl’s night out attire with a just few additions. Swap the brown sandals for a classic pair of black heels for a more dramatic look. Ditch the denim jacket altogether, and you’re good to go.