October 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

When most college students are getting dressed for class, the ultimate goal is to be extremely comfortable while also being stylish. As we roll out of bed before our early morning classes, this goal may not seem attainable, but this Fashionista shows that it can be simple. She paired each of these pieces together to create the ultimate transition outfit for those chilly days when it’s warm in the classroom, or just the opposite. Cardigans are my personal favorite essential for the fall and winter seasons because they allow you to add layers to your outfits. These are especially necessary when it comes to going to class because, let’s face it, we never know what a professor is going to feel like having the temperature set to while they’re lecturing.

Dressed head to toe in pieces mostly from H&M, this Fashionista chose a light pink tank top to complement her oversized cardigan and give this outfit a fall-inspired look. Her white, cropped pants keep this outfit from looking dark. Her school bag is the perfect size to carry to class without having to lug a heavy backpack around all day while you’re walking throughout campus. Speaking of all the walking, how cute are these simple white sneakers for hiking from one end of campus to the other without getting blisters on your heels? All of these items combined together create the perfect outfit for a typical day of class during the fall semester.

One Simple Change: If you have a presentation or special event to go to on campus, try to dress up this look with a layered necklace and some rings to pull the whole outfit together. You could even trade out the white pants for a dark wash or black denim for an entirely different feel.