WHAT TO WEAR: City Living

Comfort and style are both a necessity when it comes to Chicago fashion. For men, a great go-to look in the fall includes basic pieces that still leave a lasting impression. Versatility is a great factor to keep in mind when putting together an outfit for men. Having the ability to dress up a look or dress it down makes fashion exciting and carefree. With cold weather just around the corner, it is easy for men to get in the routine of wearing the same type of outfit. Keep an eye out for new brands and interchangeable pieces to avoid getting in a fashion rut!

Layering pieces allows for an outfit to be used day to night or with the change of weather. This Fashionisto, who is co-founder of his own clothing line, enjoys items such as this unique sweatshirt because you can support local college businesses and it is perfect for chilly days spent downtown. Combined with a pair of khakis and brown boots, this outfit is ready for any weekend event. A great accessory that can make any look more stylish is a watch; it is a simple piece can really complete the overall image. This Fashionisto’s watch is the splash of metal that adds just enough detail to keep a casual vibe.

When it comes to men’s fashion, less is more. A crisp, clean feel to any look is never a bad thing. Men’s fashion for college students is a very underrated field that doesn’t have to consist of only jeans and T-shirts. Adding in personal favorites and details to an outfit can make any guy feel confident while still maintaining a simple look.