Now that winter is in full force, it’s time to break out the warm coats, booties, and cozy neutrals. This season tends to drain our motivation to dress well, especially as the temperatures drop below 20. We just want to wrap ourselves in bathrobes, sweatpants, fuzzy socks, and pom-pom hats and shuffle our way to class. Resist the temptation because sometimes it feels nice to dress up, even in the winter. Your confidence will soar and you’ll feel like you’re on top of the freezing world. Remember, dressing up doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. There are plenty of ways to look cute without sacrificing comfort.

This winter, we’ve had some pretty mild days in Philadelphia. This Fashionista took advantage of the warmth and dressed herself with the cold weather in mind. She wore a pair of distressed jeans, and an off-white puffer jacket with gold accents and a faux fur trim. Underneath the coat is her simple black V-neck and statement silver necklace. This Fashionista is all about shoes because they’re her favorite way to express her personal style. She wears a pair of heeled black leather booties that’s accented with a gold chain around the ankle. The hints of gold in her outfit make the whole look seem more expensive than it actually is. By wearing neutrals that complement each other, her blue jeans are naturally the outfit’s focal point.

When you’re strolling throughout Philadelphia, you rarely see people wearing sweatpants. Usually they’re dressed in business casual attire, wearing head to toe athletic wear, or donned in today’s trends. This Fashionista’s sleek look is perfect for exploring and shopping in the city. She’ll be turning heads everywhere she goes.