Winter in Richmond has become unpredictable. One day it was a nice 70 degrees and most students walked around in jeans and a T-shirt. The next day would be unexpectedly 40 degrees, and walking outside without at least two layers of sweaters was not a good idea.

This Fashionista was wearing nice outfit for the more temperate Richmond days. She decided to layer up some fashionable pieces and add a few accessories to keep herself warm. This outfit is perfect for those days that are surprisingly warm and you want to go out and explore the city. The dark colors are with a pop of white are perfect for the winter days.

To build this outfit she started with a few basics, then added some accessories to spice up the look. She started with her go to black skinny jeans that go with everything. Then she added a black lace up top. I love this top because it’s a little different than the everyday plain black T-shirt. The lace up detail is trendy and flattering.

To keep herself warm in this unpredictable weather she threw on this fuzzy white cardigan. This cardigan was my favorite part of the look. Since it was white, it contrasted beautifully against all the dark pieces. It was also so light and easy to throw on but still kept you nice and warm. The slouchiness of the cardigan made the outfit seem more casual for the city life.

Last but not least, she added some accessories to make the outfit her own. This Fashionista added a cute hat with a gold chain detail to match her gold choker. This choker stood out because it was more rustic compared to this clean, chic look. Thigh high boots have been such an essential to any city look this winter. They provide some warmth while keeping you looking trendy and chic. The ones she is wearing have a perfect heel to walk around the city in while keeping her comfortable. She was also carrying a bucket bag, an ideal bag for anyone. It’s cute and has dainty gold detailing. It allows you to carry around all your essentials: your wallet, phone, and makeup bag. In her case, her bag was filled with her Polaroid camera to take pictures whenever she had nice scenery.

Overall, this look was very comfortable while being trendy and perfect for the nice temperate winter days here in Richmond. Her outfit has a nice minimal look with some detailing that stands out which I love.