WHAT TO WEAR: Chinese New Year

Some say that the first person to come visit your house on Lunar New Year’s Day will foretell what the new year will bring. In my opinion, this is the year to reinvent yourself and seek new ideas of being. A year to explore all parts of yourself and to celebrate fresh starts. The Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival was not too long ago, and there were many celebrations around the world for hope and good luck. This Fashionista, from China, chose to celebrate by wearing a red sweater which is used in most Chinese celebrations because it symbolizes joy and growth.

The Spring Festival, along with most Chinese ceremonies, includes a large amount of color. She wanted to honor her culture by adding many colors to her look for class. Picking out something warm in this crisp winter was also a factor in her decision, so she went with a cozy, red knit sweater. Wanting to continue with more color, this Fashionista wore her burnt orange bomber jacket with a metallic sheen, a great find from her designer friend in China.

Finding the perfect look for class and a night out afterwards can be difficult sometimes, but this Fashionista mastered it perfectly. Separate from her comfy sweater and jacket, her leather shorts and snapback give her look an edge for a fun hangout with friends, great for adventuring in the city. The tights and knee-high boots give her some warmth, as well as a tool to bring the outfit together. She’s wearing thicker layers on the top, so she needed to balance it with boots to not have it lopsided and barelegged. Now, she’s ready for a day of school and a night with friends!