WHAT TO WEAR: Chilly Day Slay

Although spring is on deck, this winter season is still very much in full effect. Although to some, winter weather may mean oversize puffer coats,hats, scarves, and gloves that overshadow personal style, it’s important to keep in mind that there are in fact ways to stay cute while keeping warm.

Although it may seem easy to just throw on your everyday coat and keep it moving, switching it up every now and then won’t hurt anyone. This Fashionista makes it a point not to let the cold weather get her down as she pairs a chunky cream sweater with a trendy leather jacket. Her look is able to stand out by her eye-catching scarf that not only keeps her warm, but also adds a refreshing piece to her outfit in order to contrast with the chilly temperature. Gray Timberland boots not only keep this Fashionista prepared for various weather conditions, they also add a casual feel to the outfit for a nice everyday look.

Although there may only be a few more weeks of winter left, it’s important to push through this last leg in style.This isn’t too hard though with this Fashionista setting an example on how she utilizes her winter accessories in order to play up her outfit. Although leather jackets may provide more style than warmth, layering with chunky sweaters can help get anyone through a chilly day in which they are trying to showcase their personal style a little more. Although chill may seem to be in the way, this should never take your personal style away!