WHAT TO WEAR: Chic and Comfortable for Class

The students on University of Georgia’s campus are always on the go. From class to club meetings, the dining halls and everyone in between, most students spend an extensive portion of their day on campus before returning home. Therefore, most students want to be comfortable all day without sacrificing their personal style. This trend, referred to as “athleisure,” can be seen on college campuses across the nation. As Elizabeth Holmes of the Wall Street Journal puts it, “Athleisure promises a whole day’s wear from a single outfit, taking women from spin class to the coffee shop to the office and then out for a cocktail at happy hour.”

This Fashionista certainly blends function and fashion for her busy day on UGA’s campus. With a pair of cropped gray leggings, a blush tank top and an oversized, maroon sweater, this Fashionista feels comfortable and ready for whatever her day may bring. The Fashionista’s Nike running shoes, featuring a fish-scale design, allow her to walk all over campus efficiently, while looking cute and sporty. Additionally, her layers give her the ability to take off her sweater and accessories to get a workout in at the Ramsey Center–UGA’s home to recreation and fitness.

In terms of the Fashionista’s accessories, these details add the stylish elements of her look. Because a student on the go must always know the time, she wears a gold watch on a tan leather strap, complemented by a few neutral, dainty bracelets. In addition, the Fashionista’s necklace adds an edge to her ensemble. The Wrecking Ball necklace, which was made by a fellow UGA student, is quite unique with its “y” shape, bold black beads and gold disc that hangs from the bottom. Also, the Fashionista’s look would not be complete without a tote to carry her books, laptop and other essentials. This sleek, nude, kate spade new york tote exudes simplicity while also serving a utilitarian purpose for an active UGA student.

Whether taking an exam in her political science class, heading to a SPIA (School and Public and International Affairs) meeting or working on a group project at the Miller Learning Center, this Fashionista feels great and looks even better. Because of clothing that combines function and fashion, there is no excuse for looking sloppy during a busy day on campus. Go ahead, slip on your favorite pair of leggings, that comfortable pair of running shoes and some simple, yet fun accessories to rock your stylish and sporty look all day.