WHAT TO WEAR: Chic and Easy

I found this stylish Fashionista waiting next to me at the bus stop this morning and immediately noticed her outfit. Her all-black ensemble still managed to catch my eye due to her long coat which completely tied the look together. A simple coat like this can make any early morning outfit look completely put together, and even chic!

This Fashionista completed her look with a long statement necklace. This is another easy way to make yourself seem pulled together in almost no time. Throwing on a flashy necklace or a statement piece like that also brings your outfit from simple to classy. Her beautiful, long hair also looks effortlessly chic. To finish the look, this Fashionista put on another simple pair of booties to make her on-the-go look a little more done up. As a look, this outfit totally works.

This Fashionista used simple pieces to look put-together even though she just rolled out of bed (as she informed me jokingly). How does she do it? Well, I’ve always thought that three amazing basics are better than 40 crazy, mismatched, wild pieces. A bunch of simple, go-to basics can make you look completely pulled together even if you just threw a few things on. Of course everyone needs some great statement pieces to make their wardrobe unique and exciting, however first things first: simple basics are a must!

Of everything one could buy, there’s nothing better than a classic, well-fitting white T-shirt, or the perfect pair of plain skinny jeans. With these essential pieces throwing on your clothes has never looked so good. And a nice piece of jewelry never hurts to top it off!