WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

It’s that time of the year where you’re finally on winter break, also know as, a monthoff where you get to go back home to warm meals, your mom doing your laundry and spending hours wrapped up in a blanket watching copious amounts of Food Network (or is that just me?). While winter break is definitely time to kick back and relax, it is also a time to spend with family or even attend a holiday party. I always look at the holidays as a reason to dress up, but often I’m stuck in a rut as to what to wear. After bumping into this Fashionista after class, I found the perfect solution.

This Fashionista perfects a monochromatic color scheme, yet not looking too dark or drab. Her gray knit sweater is perfect for staying warm during her chilly commute to the holiday festivities. Mixing textures and fabrics, her gray zipper motorcycle jacket gives her an ultra cool aura. To complement the gray and black yarn from her top, this Fashionista decided to don leather pants, giving a sophisticated flare to this look. To top the look off and staying true to dressing well for the holidays, she paired her outfit with a pair of sleek black wedges. One of the best parts of dressing up for holiday celebrations is the details and accessories! Playing off of the monochromatic palette this Fashionista conveys, her subtle silver and turquoise layered necklace is the perfect finishing touch.

Whether you’re spending the holiday with family, friends, coworkers or anyone in between, take into consideration the proper colors and fabrics that complement the holiday season. With these tips and learning a thing or two from this Fashionista’s rocking outfit, you’ll be the talk of every get together.

One Simple Change: Need to take a little break from family to see your favorite band coming to town in concert? Swap the black wedges for a pair of Chelsea boots that will keep you looking chic while staying cozy on the dance floor.