WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

October 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

“The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” This is how many describe the most famous horse race in the world: the Kentucky Derby. Here in Kentucky, this yearly event on the first weekend in May is treated as its own holiday, so much so that schools around the city of Louisville are closed on the Friday before the big day. In anticipation for those days in May, Kentucky still holds horse racing at Keeneland, one of the most beautiful race tracks in the nation. Keeneland is only open during October and April, so it becomes a pretty big deal!

Other than the races themselves, many traditions surround horse racing, especially the fashion. Even if you don’t know much about betting on the ponies, the one thing that you should observe are hats and bow ties. Part Southern tradition, part overall spectacle, the fashion at horse racing is one aspect that makes it so exciting to attend. It’s especially one of those few times where men have permission to dress up and stand out more than the ladies.

Keeping the traditions of fashion alive, this particular Fashionisto sports the perfect Keeneland ensemble. Taking advantage of this celebration, he is wearing bright blue dress pants paired with another spring-colored light green Ralph Lauren button-up. For a quintessential pop of color, this Fashionisto adds an orange patterned bow tie (can we all agree boys should wear these more often?).

His tan blazer is the optimal addition to keep his outfit grounded. As I’m sure any southern Fashionisto can attest, blazers are the easiest way to make an outfit look more professional, while also keeping you warm! His neutral colored shoes keep the attention to his amazing collection of colors he’s wearing. Follow in his footsteps to achieve the perfect Keeneland look…and if you didn’t order is mint julep while you’re there, did you really even go?

One Simple Change: The races might be over but the celebration doesn’t stop! On your way to downtown Lexington to meet up with more friends? Simply swap the bright blue pants for khakis to match your blazer for a more casual yet, still classy look.