WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

Summer may be nearing its end but that does not mean the celebrations must come to an end too. This season is hard not to love when it comes to the Fourth of July and all other family festivities. It’s a time where all of the kids come home from school, which in my family, usually means there is going to be some type of party. Now, I may be partial to this outfit because it was spotted at my big sister’s baby shower (eep!) but this look may just be one of my favorite Fashionista looks to date.

First off, rompers have been making their comeback for a while, and I still hold my seat on this bandwagon. Finding a good romper is like finding the perfect pair of jeans, only harder. They always need to be tried on in person, never ordered online. They also run the risk of being a complete failure if you are disproportional and proud like me, and wish you could mix and match halves of rompers like you can bikinis. Despite the romper struggles, this Fashionista could not look better in this white and blue detailed romper. This look shows a little cleavage without being too scandy to be family event appropriate. It’s also perfect for anything from a Friday night happy hour to a Sunday morning brunch.

To top off this trendy look, this Fashionista made this into a boho ensemble by throwing on knee-high brown gladiators and a matching cross-body envelope bag. There are a few trends going on here, so this Fashionista opted for her natural beachy locks, more casual makeup and very simple jewelry.

One Simple Change: Fall is quickly invading our summer vibes, but on the bright side, fall also brings rush week. Greek life may not be for everyone, but for those who are looking to go through recruitment this fall try swapping out these gladiators for a pair of nude strappy heels and you are ready to wow every sorority.