WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

July 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

The summer is now in full swing. The sun is out shining and the fun should be at its pinnacle. Everyone has gotten a taste of the summer vibe. Even though Independence Day has passed, the summer season is still a great time to wear those stars and bars. Whether you’re young or old, you have undoubtedly participated in some festivities ranging from family get togethers and barbecues to watching the traditional fireworks. Therefore, you most likely already have the pieces necessary to organize a flattering outfit. Whether you’re hanging out with a few close friends or at a large public gathering, you always want to be looking your best, so why not try a patriotic aesthetic.

This Fashionisto dons an American vibe with a twist of street wear style to it. He substitues the overplayed and obnoxious American flag graphics with subtle accents of patriotism to style his outfit. The base components of his outfit consist of a white T-shirt, a black and creme baseball jersey and a pair of khaki joggers. The great thing about his outfit choice here is that the white T-shirt stands out the most out of the three articles of clothing. The same here could be done with a navy or red T-shirt if the baseball jersey was  a lighter tone such as gray or white. The idea is to make the shirt the center of attention, but not to an unpleasant degree. Next, when attention to detail is paid, it can be seen that his bucket hat and sneakers really complete and enforce the American feel. The bucket hat adds another dimension of patriotism with the bright red colors and subtle pattern of stars, while the Air Jordan One x Dave White throws splashes of red and white in with a clever placement of stars throughout the sneaker. As for the black and gold rimmed sunglasses, they are just the cherry on top to complete the chic and sharp look.

We have all seen the infamous and worn out look of the American flag around almost every corner during the summer. Just because it’s what everyone is wearing, doesn’t mean you have to find yourself falling into their trap. You know better Fashionistos and Fashionistas. No revolutionary look is necessary, but rather follow your fashion senses to assemble an outfit that you would wear on a normal weekend outing and add some personal flair to it. The big thing to remember here is that the accessories are the key to a celebratory outfit. They can really add color and spirit without going over the top.

One Simple Change: If the summer weather starts to get too warm for the covered and layered look, just change it up by having only one patriotically patterned layer up top and exchange the joggers for some shorts that still compliment your look. Also, switch to low-top sneakers that will serve to better compliment the shape of your legs.