WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

July 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

What will you be wearing to the next summer barbecue or pool party this July? It can be difficult to find a summer party outfit that is versatile for different occasions but also still cute. This Fashionista pulls off a classic summer white outfit by rocking a fitted white romper that works well at any parties at the beach or by the pool. The lace of her romper has a soft feminine feel that makes a casual look chic enough for even a classy beach party in the Hamptons.

This Fashionista also paired her romper with a dark denim jacket. She also accessorized to add a stylish flare to her look with gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses that compliment her tan cross-body bag and her strappy sandals.

Her outfit’s fit changes with the weather as well. If she gets hot, her sleeveless romper will keep her cool during all the day’s festivities of grilling hotdogs and chilling by the pool. If she gets a bit chilly at night, her jean jacket will keep her arms warm into the night while she watches as tons of people gather to celebrate the night away over cold iced teas.

One Simple Change: Not only does this Fashionista’s look work great for any summer parties, but it is also a perfect outfit for other summer adventures. She could use it for vacation, as well. If she decides to take a cruise around the Caribbean, her romper and sunglasses will be perfect for exploring any nearby islands. She could trade her sandals in for comfy Converse to be prepared for various terrains. Her jean jacket will also help her stay warm on the outer edges of the ship where the waves can cause a bit of a draft.