WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

All Fashionistas/os love fashion. What I love about fashion is its ability to express multiple things at once. Being able to show the world how you’re feeling on any given day through your clothing and personal style is really exciting to me and something that absolutely anyone can pull off with confidence!

Summer is an awesome time for a Fashionista/o to express himself or herself through his or her personal style, especially during times of celebration. The Fourth of July is a perfect time to dress to impress. Ladies and gents, do yourself a favor and please locate your pair of red, white and blue leggings and throw them away. You can surely be decked out in the stars and stripes in a much more fashionable way!

This Fashionista does a great job at keeping her look simple, yet fabulous. To get the look, swap out your striped patriotic tank for a flowly, striped and stars tank like this one, and pair it with a simple pair of high-waisted shorts, like these! A simple nail color balances the look and doesn’t overwhelm it. A simple shoe like white Converse gives the look a classic, timeless Americana vibe. It’s easy to show pride for your country, and that definitely never goes out of style.

One Simple Change: Pull out this outfit for your next country music concert or festival and whip out the cowboy boots! Don’t forget to bring your jean jacket to wear when the sun sets and the music begins. Do Uncle Sam Proud!