WHAT TO WEAR: Celebration

Friend, pal, bud: these are the terms of endearment used for those in your life that are absolute aces, the people who have your back and save you seats in crowded dining halls. The realest, most honest of people you know. So, what better way to thank someone for being a great friend than to dress up and participate in a celebratory meal commemorating their birthday? That’s what this weeks’ Fashionista was up to when she wore this layered look out on campus.

Considering the fact that there is snow covering the ground here in the mountains, it’s safe to say that the layering in this outfit is a necessity. The dress, a contrast of bright summery flowers against a black background, below the cream sweater pulls together a casual, feminine vibe. On top, the cheeky graphic sweatshirt contrasts the smartness of the floral dress. It’s a quick and easy way to dress down an outfit for a more low key event. This is especially important for daytime birthday celebrations: for one, daytime doesn’t always warrant dressing to the nines and two, upstaging the birthday girl or boy is frowned upon.

With the Timbalands our Fashionista is wearing, bought at a vintage shop for a heavily discounted price, this entire outfit seems a bit of a contradiction. Feminine? Check. Rugged? Check. Casual, dressy, funny, pretty and refined? Check. This look is one that on paper seems odd but in person was interesting and cool. Plus it was both appropriate for a dressier everyday look and casual enough for a laid back birthday lunch. But never forget that no matter what or who you’re celebrating, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style in order to fit in with the style dictated for said event.

One Simple Change: If the celebration carries on into the night hours then a perfect change for this would be ditching the sweatshirt for a structured blazer. This menswear-inspired blazer will take over for the masculine rugged vibe that the Timbalands previously provided. And instead of the Timbalands a great blocked heel will complement the blazer.