WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Slay

Every Fashionista on campus embodies their own personal sauce and style, it’s simply what makes them different. Whether it’s jumping out of bed at 7:45 for your 8 a.m. in your oversize hoodie, yoga pants, and Ugg boots that you fell asleep in, from the night you spent in the library; or you’re cruising on campus like this Fashionista. As a senior, we all know the feeling of senioritis and not wanting to even attempt to dress up, but there’s those like this diva that make it look easy. Between focusing on graduation, jobs, internships, naps, and a social life the very last thing we have time for is dressing up for class.

With it being the beginning of February, and we still haven’t had a winter, the weather here on Rocky Top is unpredictable. You’re torn between wearing the same hoodie you wear every Tuesday, or waking up in enough time to casually slay campus. So, what do you wear? This campus fashionista has paired some everyday basic leggings and T-shirt with a vintage thrifted blazer. As if the blazer didn’t set the tone, she carries her books in a nude oversized over the shoulder bag. To top if off she’s sporting low-cut Pocahontas style black booties that are super comfy for walking through the hills of Rocky Top.

In college you learn how vital your mornings are, so it’s crucial to appreciate the days we have time to put ourselves together like this diva has! Grab a pair of comfy booties, leggings, and be bold with your own personal sauce to it. We could all take a few notes from this queen, she’s mastered the art of what to wear for a casual campus slay.