WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Monday

March 29th, 2017 at 2:00am

The weather in New York has been pretty unpredictable lately. In March alone, we’ve had temperatures ranging from twenty to seventy degrees and that is like experiencing all four seasons in one month! I remember wearing a hoodie on my waist one day, and the following week I found myself wearing a jacket, an infinity scarf, and Ugg boots. It’s been extremely heartbreaking to think that winter is over, to then find out it hasn’t.

Besides dealing with unpredictable weather, college students have also been struggling with midterms and catching up with overdue assignments. On my way to class on a Monday morning, I spotted an outfit that currently reflects March’s madness. The guy wearing this outfit told me “I look like a mess!” but his outfit is a perfect example of what to wear when you don’t have enough time on your hands to get ready because you broke night doing homework or possibly binge-watching a series on Netflix.

Here he is wearing simple blue jeans with what seems a basic black sweater. Although you can’t really tell, that basic black sweater in actuality is a City College sweater (CCNY). Not only is wearing your school’s name on your sweater cool, but it also exhibits school spirit (a definite yes to school spirit!).

This college student keeps it very casual. He pairs off his blue jeans and his black sweater with two items that will never go out of style: a dad hat and white high-top Converse. These two items give the outfit a sense of flair. The outfit not only screams casual but also effortless, comfy, and appealing.

If it’s Monday morning and you’re running late to class or even work and are struggling to find an outfit, go for jeans, a dad hat, and white sneakers- it never fails, trust me.