WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Friday

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Friday

So it’s that point in every college student’s junior or senior year where internships and new jobs are starting up, and the question is: what does one wear on casual Friday? Thoughts such as avoiding looking too casual or too dressy race through your mind. In this article we figure out the perfect balance between the two.

This Fashionista has to wear business professional clothing to work everyday but has casual Friday. She works in Boston for a small marketing firm, and for some period of time she had a hard time deciding what to wear on casual Fridays. The thing I love about her outfit is how simple and chic it is—everyone knows that you can’t go wrong with black. However, note how the black jeans are not ripped—distressed denim is not the most appropriate for work, so think of making outfits more simplistic before wearing them to work.

I really loved the collar of her shirt. It dresses the outfit up with such simplicity. Turtlenecks can also make an outfit look more professional. To add some depth into the outfit she added a cute taupe cardigan. This small touch of color makes the outfit look more casual, since black is known to be a business color.

Remember next time you are faced with the decision of what to wear on causal Fridays: keep it simple. It is better to play it safe in the beginning and get more comfortable and experiment with outfits as time goes on.