WHAT TO WEAR: Casual and Homemade

We are quickly approaching the halfway mark of this semester, and it is definitely beginning to feel like spring. College students can finally shed the layers and dress for the nice cool air.

This Fashionista from the University of Memphis loves to keep it casual. Her favorite things to wear are T-shirts and jeans. Today she rocked a black graphic T-shirt with a long jean maxi skirt. She isn’t into brand names or bright, loud colors. She prefers dark colors like navy blue and black. “I’ve never worried about what brand of clothes I am wearing,” she said. “I like things that are cute and comfortable.”

How does she liven up her outfits? She loves homemade jewelry and crystal necklaces. She accessorized her look with a crystal pendant necklace and a multicolored beaded bracelet. It not only adds colors and personality to her look, but it makes it interesting because the jewelry is one of a kind. You can usually find authentic handmade jewelry at art festivals like Africa in April in Memphis, Tennessee, or local businesses around your town. Crystal pendants can be found at both department stores like JCPenney and in local shops.

“I love wearing the small pendants instead of the large ones because they aren’t too flashy,” she said. “I’ve always liked necklaces that are on a dainty chain because they aren’t too showy and they can go with anything I wear.”

These accessories are a must have if you want to give your look a bohemian feel. Not only are they cute, but they are versatile. So, on your next shopping trip walk over to the fashion jewelry section and try to find some beautiful beaded bracelets and crystal pendants.