WHAT TO WEAR: Campus Chills and Class

A new year is not the only thing January is bringing to the East Coast. As we start the spring semester, it takes quite some time before the weather actually feels like the brisk but warm weather of the season. Winter is in full swing for the majority of the semester as we all return back to campus and plan the survival of yet another couple of months of stress and activities.

Unfortunately, as the temperature decreases, our lack of motivation to get outside increases. The majority of college students would much rather stay inside, wrapped up in a plush blanket and sweatpants rather than endure the gusting winds walking around campus. However, leaving your dorm and attending class is just another reason to show off the outfits you got over winter break and experiment with your style based on the weather.

“Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” is my motto for this new year. So, as the temperatures drop and you have no idea what to wear, what should you grab out of your closet?

First, comfort is key. Wearing a chunky cable knit sweater will not only keep you warm as you walk around campus, but make you feel like you are back at home under a blanket. Second, dress it down and up at the same time. Dress it down by wearing a pair of jeggings so you have the comfort of leggings but the style of jeans as well. These type of pants are staples all year round. To dress it up, pair your outfit with a pair of heeled booties. What better way to look and feel good as you strut your way into class? Finally, stay warm. Depending on how cold it really gets on your campus, finish the look with a parka. Feel free to add a scarf, hat, and gloves to complete the look and to stay extra warm.

This outfit is perfect for class and walking around campus because it keeps you warm, comfortable, and stylish. Incorporating basic colors and prints to an outfit makes this look ideal for an everyday style for the second half of the school year.

So, when it comes to deciding what to wear before heading over to class or a day of running errands in the cold, remember to stay warm and comfortable but also to look good, feel good and do good.