WHAT TO WEAR: Call It Spring

After snow storm pounds the Northeast, the sun finally comes out, bringing little warmness to us. What’s better than getting rid of heavy coats and parkas in early spring and wearing something that lightens you up in such a sunny day?

So, here comes a question… what to wear? If you don’t have a clear idea about your style, then here is my answer: get a denim jacket! Denim jackets are such a must-have outerwear item that can fit with almost all pants and T-shirts, and it just goes perfectly with a sunny day, making you feel light and bright!

This Fashionista is an excellent representation of how to create a simple and classic style with denim jacket. First rule, white and blue make a look. A simple white T-shirt is a good choice if you don’t know what to wear inside the jacket. I like the little detail on the white T-shirt that this Fashionista chose. It makes the look more interesting. If you don’t have a white T-shirt, a plain shirt or striped T-shirt is also a good choice.

Because this is a light blue jacket, this Fashionista did a great job of choosing a deep color pair of pants. This casual dark blue pants balance the light color on the top making the look more mature. Besides this one, almost any dark blue jeans can be paired up with denim jacket perfectly. What really drew my attention to this style is this classic plain-toe boots. The rust-colored boots go so well with the outfit and create a vintage style. Another alternative is white sneaker which is a more casual and comfy style.

This look is not just for boys. Girls should also have one denim jacket. Simply pairing it up with with a skinny black jeans or long dress would create a fashionable day look. What’s more important is that this style fits all kinds of occasions, from going to class to hanging out. So if you don’t have denim jacket, get one, and then you will find how much you’ll love it, just like I do!