WHAT TO WEAR: Business Class

WHAT TO WEAR: Business Class

Oh, the joy of senior year is upon us, and for us business majors, this means the ever-dreaded capstone looms above our heads. It’s almost an unsaid rule that your senior year in the business program at Urbana University, you better show up and look presentable.  Cue this adorable Fashionista, going to class with style and sophistication. This Fashionista is actually a Sweden native and did not grow up in the states. I’ve always admired her simple style, and I absolutely loved her take on this sophisticated outfit for a class presentation or class interviews.

This Fashionista shows some serious class showing up in this coral dress straight from the country of Holland and the classic accessories that accompany it. Her small, pearl, dangle earrings add yet another classy touch to a simple outfit. Nothing says classic like pearls, am I right?

She sticks with elegant and simple black accessories to complete her look. Her handbag and sunglasses are also out-of-country finds, bought in her home country of Sweden. She keeps the theme of black by coordinating her classic flats, oversized handbag and sophisticated yet oversized sunglasses to polish of her look.

The best part about this outfit? It consists of five pieces. How simple is that? As a college student, I think that we are all looking for something simple yet elegant that we can toss on and not look like we totally just rolled out of bed. The accessories in this outfit are versatile and could be used with another simple dress too!

There is no doubt this Fashionista is ready to impress in her final year of college in this elegant look, perfect for professional manners.