WHAT TO WEAR: BTS in Monochrome

I’m sure all of us East Coasters are feeling the slightly cooler breeze in the morning, noticing the earlier sunsets and catching a glimpse of the dried up brown leaves on the ground. While it’s something I’m not particularly happy about, I am absolutely thrilled about this upcoming season’s trends. Velvets are coming back, outerwear is making its way back to the racks in a variety of styles and booties are to die for this season.

This morning, as goosebumps started to envelop my arms and legs, I caught this Fashionista casually slaying in this ultra chic monochromatic look.

Zara, ASOS, Topshop and several other “fast-fashion” retailers have picked up the T-shirt & dress trend. They’ve been offering a wide variety of these pieces ranging from silky slips to ripped up mini dresses. This dress is the modern, quintessential back-to-school outfit. It’s at a perfect length, goes with anything and is super comfortable.

Her look was absolutely perfect for the first day of class because as you know, first impressions are everything. While some of my peers were sporting their untidy “just woke up” look, this Fashionista looked polished and ready to absorb a vast amount of information. Her T-shirt dress was complemented by ultra comfy Stan Smiths by adidas. Adorning her wrist, the Marc Jacobs watch glimmered in the reflection of her Yves Saint Laurent glasses. In order for her to survive the frigid air of a college classroom, she finished off the look with a monochrome patterned jacket from H&M.