WHAT TO WEAR: Brunch Date With The Girls

December 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

Ah, yes, my favorite weekend activity, Sunday brunch. A meeting place of good friends, great food and even more fashionable looks to serve. A brunch date with the girls offers a miniature fashion show to display those cute new pieces you’ve been dying to wear and even eat your pancakes too. One of the most challenging obstacles presented when getting ready for events like this is what to wear and how casual (or on the other hand, not) so casual to dress. Ta-da! The perfect answer for the brunch outfit blues, combine a little bit of both casual and dressed up components into your look.

The look above can simply be dressed up or down based just off the shoes. A pair of nude  heels spice the outfit up without being too flashy, while the pants add eye catching interest and contrast to the simplicity of the top. The shoes could even be changed out to a pair of sandals for a more toned-down casual feel.

Now to touch on my favorite part about this look, the pants. The trousers are vibrant and unique which will make you standout in any setting especially a girls day brunch by the beach. The high-waisted and giving fabric of the trousers makes it the perfect look to feel comfortable with that French toast food baby. These pants could be changed out with a pair of ripped jeans and a cute jacket depending on the season. The point here is contrast becomes your biggest MVP when choosing pieces to rock. The feminine touch of the heels when paired with casual, yet eye-catching pieces creates the ultimate brunch date with the girls outfit. Now the only thing you’ll have to stress about is whether you want an extra side of bacon.