Sunday brunch, a time to get together and hash out all the dirty details from the previous night over some hair-of-the-dog and fabulous eggs benedict. Now, depending on what school you go to, your ensemble of choice might vary a little. Also of course taking in all the factors of where you’re going, who might be there and if you need a fab picture to gram or not.

How you dress to tells the rest of the world something about you before you even open your mouth. If you decide to go the I slept in these PJs route you’re telling everyone the party was poppin’ and you’re still feeling the effects like they just happened. If you go the more dressy route of comfy jeans, a cute shirt and possibly some wedges, you’re letting everyone know you mean business about your brunch outing. Lastly, if you’re still in last night clothes and makeup or possibly a very oversized sweatshirt of the men wearing variety, we all know what happened there and kudos to you girlfriend.

This glamazon Fashionista picked the perfect combo of white jeans from Gap that she frayed herself (totally genius!) The cutest off-the-shoulder striped top from Splendid that shows off a tan quite nicely. Pairing her look with the most gorgeous handbag from Pepe Jeans London and killer wedges from Amichi. To top off her fab brunch going look, she wears her cool girl sunnies from J Pajetta because a girl can never be caught without some shade when recovering from a fun night out.

One Simple Change: To make this look perfect for a day out traveling, swap out the wedges for some cute tennis shoes.