It’s summertime in New York City, which means Sunday’s are for avocado toast and iced mocha lattes. Yes, I’m referring to everyone’s favorite meal: brunch. It’s the perfect occasion to put in just enough effort to your outfit without going overboard. Your choices can range from maxi dresses and maxi skirts to pom pom shorts or rompers. But, with the constant heat and humidity in the city, it’s also essential to find an outfit that will combat the weather.

To beat the New York City heat, this Fashionista traded a lengthy maxi dress for a shorter print sundress. The lightweight, ornate material is one of the best fabrics for comfortable walks around the city and meeting up with friends for brunch.

The print of this Fashionista’s dress is one of the many patterns you can find. But, if you’d prefer a simpler look there are plenty of options in solid colors. Many of these colors and designs will transition with ease into the earlier fall season. Thankfully, this will give your bank account a breather while you hold off on that new fall wardrobe for an extra week or two.

Another bonus with this sundress is flexibility. Because the sundress has so many colors, it’s easy to swap the color purse you’re carrying around. This Fashionista chose a tan faux leather cross-body bag, but black or gray would have fit the look as well. To give off a relaxed vibe for brunch, she wore white sandals and stuck to minimal jewelry.

One Simple Change: This dress is the perfect back to school outfit. It is lightweight and comfortable enough to walk around campus. Once the fall season arrives, pair the dress with a leather jacket and combat boots to wear in the cooler weather.