Ahh, brunch. It’s quite possibly my favorite meal. It’s an excuse to get a little dressed up, a perfect time to catch up with your friends, of course a fantastic opportunity to eat some delicious food and drink some mimosas, and basically an all around great time!

This Fashionista shows us how to do brunch fashion the right way. I think her outfit is perfect for a summertime brunch. A white dress with flutter sleeves completed with a breezy hat, brown leather watch and white sandals; it’s classic. The ensemble is dressy without being too dressy. It’s timeless without being passé. The Fashionista is seriously showing how to rock wardrobe staples. Take note; consider buying quality investment pieces because they’ll work in so many outfits and for so many events. I also love how she accessorized her outfit. Seriously, do not underestimate the importance of accessories; they can change the entire nature of an ensemble, especially when starting with basic pieces. Think about you would wear this dress for brunch. I would wear a square neck scarf, pointed-toe black flats, and a dash of red lipstick.

This Fashionista taught me that a perfect brunch outfit starts with great basics. Accessorize according to the season and, of course, your personal style!

One Simple Change: Slip off those sandals, put on heels, and lose the hat! It’s really that simple to transition this outfit from brunch to girl’s night out. Just another reason why you should invest in your wardrobe staples; trust me, you’ll wear them a lot!