Who doesn’t love having Sunday brunch with friends? It doesn’t necessarily have to be Sunday, but you are able to eat your favorite breakfast food without having to be up early, which is great in my book. As you roll out of bed without the help of your alarm clock, you are faced with the decision of what to wear. Sure, brunch is a casual occasion especially if it’s just with your friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your outfit a little bit.

Now one of the best things about fashion is looking stylish while still being comfortable. You might not we wide awake for brunch, so you’ll want to be comfy while enjoying your stack of pancakes. This Fashionista perfectly executes the balance of comfortable and fashionable. She is keeping her outfit simple by wearing a plain white tank-top with light brown shorts. The light button down is serving as a jacket just incase the café gets chilly. Her tan sandals are perfect to slip on as she is heading out the door because they’re neutral and go with just about anything.

The beauty of this outfit is the simplicity, which leaves room to accessorize. As you can see this Fashionista decided to keep the accessories to a minimum by only one wearing a ring and bracelet. Just incase you’re sitting outside of a cute café ,be sure to have a cute pair of sunnies packed in your purse as well. Since you are just having brunch with friends there is no need to go all out, but adding a few touches truly does spice up the look.

One Simple Change: If this brunch was more professional rather than with friends, or you chose to wear this look to an interview, you could simply button up the long-sleeve button down and exchange the sandals for a cute pair of wedges.