Oh, brunch: One of my favorite meals of the day. Not just for the mimosas and the eggs Benedict, but for the ever-changing outfits you could spot. You could dress up in your favorite sundress or dress down in your favorite oversized T-shirt. Both work, but my preference has always been dressing up. I am always looking for an excuse to dress up, whether it be to hang out at my favorite coffee shop or going out for food. This Fashionista couldn’t agree more with me. Now, with Brunch you should keep your look simple, that could mean a black and white look or doing a very light makeup routine that morning. Remember, you can save all that makeup for later that night.

As you can see, this Fashionista has chosen to pick the dressed up look. While she may not be wearing a sundress, her stunning outfit is just as good. White jeans make almost any outfit look polished and the details of her top add that extra pizazz. One of my favorite looks is having a shirt that is embroidered or has that cutout detailing. Now, this Fashionista put that little extra thought into her look; from her elegant French mani/pedi to her sleek Michael Kors wristlet. Every detail is important in bringing this whole look together. This Fashionista also chose a pair of sunglasses that color coordinates with her outfit. She is ready to sit and chat with the girls and drink with her pinky out!

One Simple Change: When you want to take this outfit from brunch to girl’s night out, just switch up the bag from a clutch to a cross-body bag for a hands free night. You could also, as I mentioned before, play up the makeup, maybe add some fun eyeshadow or even a cute cat-eye.

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