Now that we’re well into summer, I can safely assume that most of us are sleeping in past normal breakfast hours. However, if you are anything like me, you will never turn down breakfast for lunch. In fact, it seems as if Sunday mornings are the new Friday nights because of one thingbrunch. I think everyone can agree that the best way to enjoy brunch is catching up with a close friend on a sunny Sunday. Even though you come for the Belgian waffles and bottomless mimosas, brunch is actually a great excuse to dress up.

When it comes to dressing up, the latest obsession this season is off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. This trend shows a tasteful amount of skin without being too revealing. I personally love it because it’s so versatile. It can either be worn casual or it can easily be dressed up.

This Fashionista I spotted decided to follow the aforementioned summer trend, opting for a light, patterned off-the-shoulder dress. The color combination of the blue and white, with subtle floral print, makes this dress the perfect daytime look.

To accessorize, the Fashionista paired her outfit with some strappy brown sandals—a must-have in every girl’s closet. In her neck and shoulder region, instead of going completely bare, she added a small, dainty necklace, along with some bracelets on her wrist, to dress up her outfit. The brown Michael Kors cross-body bag also worked well with her lookbrown being a reoccurring color in all of her accessories. She gave the final touch to her off-the-shoulder outfit with a pair of tinted sunglasses, to shade her eyes from the bright sun.

Personally, dresses are my go-to pieces when it comes to finding something quick-yet-well-put-together to wear. I also always try to avoid dark colors in the summer, sticking to the lighter tints to stay cool. The South gets pretty hot and humid, and this Fashionista’s loose dress worked great with the weather. Her ensemble was effortless, making her look both super-cute and comfortable.

One Simple Change: To dress up this outfit a little more for, say, some out-on-the-town weekend wear, ditch the strappy sandals for a nice pair of strappy wedges. No matter what the occasion, there’s just something classy about wearing a pair of wedges and drinking some mimosas on a Sunday afternoon.