I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more refreshing to me then waking up on a warm summer morning with an open agenda and a closet full of possibilities. As college students we frequently experience exhausted schedules and high levels of anxiety for roughly nine months out of the year. So, summertime flexibility is not something to overlook or take for granted. This is our time of the year to do what we want, when we want and for however long we want.

I’m definitely a breakfast girl and sincerely believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I also believe that one must dress their best while dining. I also strongly believe there may even be a correlation between looking well while eating and overall feelings of happiness and wellbeing (it’s my own personal theory and not super backed up yet, but I’ll let you guys know if it gets anywhere).

Looking like she just walked out of the latest Urban Outfitters summer catalog, this Fashionista is dressed comfortably and fashionably while staying totally minimal and urban. To start off her look, this Fashionista decided to pull out her favorite new skirt that she picked up on her latest trip to Australia. It’s jean, it’s cute, it’s comfortable, it’s from Australia and it’s incredibly versatile. Dressing affordably is one thing, but dressing affordably while making it appear expensive is a whole new ballgame. Paired with a cropped black tank top from Urban Outfitters and black wrap sandals from Target; this Fashionista is fitted, on a budget and ready to takeover the world.

One Simple Change: Finished brunch and headed for a night out on the town with the girls? Switch out the blank crop top for an old school jersey; and the black sandals for some white Converse for a more vintage/grunge look. If you’re a fan of thrift shopping and have some free time throughout the day also be sure to check out Goodwill for some new fits. Not only will you be saving some extra cash by shopping secondhand, but I can almost guarantee you at least one of your friends will ask where you bought it.