The only thing better than breakfast is brunch. You can wake up late and still enjoy all of your favorite breakfast foods! Brunch is one of the favorite meals for college students; it is a great way to meet up with your friends on the weekend and catch up. The school year is now coming to an end, and students are coming home from their college towns; brunch is the perfect way for students to reconnect with old friends. Now that summer is here, stylish brunch fashion is among us.

This Fashionista was spotted on her way to meet some friends for brunch. She is wearing a floral romper, that is matched perfectly with her two-toned wedges. The cream color in her wedges is similar to the color of her romper, and the brown color in her wedges brings out the flowers on her romper. Rompers are perfect for summer weather, since they are lightweight and very fashionable. They are also super easy because you don’t have to worry much about matching, since it’s a one-piece outfit. This Fashionista is also wearing a lace bralette that adds a little pop to her outfit. The Fashionista’s bralette also matches perfectly with the flowers on her romper and she’s carrying a super trendy light brown Michael Kors tote bag that pulls the whole outfit together. This outfit is altogether very girly and cute. It shows a playful amount of skin, but has a classy look to it, making it appropriate to wear around your parents or even grandparents!

One Simple Change: Want to make this outfit more casual? Change the shoes to a pair of flat sandals. The wedges add a dressed up touch to the outfit, and sandals will make it more casual. The new outfit would be the perfect weekend wear for the mall!