The alarm goes off on a bright Sunday morning, which only means one thing: brunch time. Get your mimosas and eggs benedict ready to share with your family and friends; it’s a great celebration to have before you start work on Monday. Let’s face it, everyone likes breakfast food, no matter what time it is. You can never go wrong with a warm waffle and a bowl of fresh fruit next to you while you sit on your backyard patio or at a local restaurant. Like your mother would say, “It’s the most important meal of the day.” She wasn’t lying, because you need something in your stomach while you hit some balls at the golf course or take a swim at the beach.

This Fashionista is decked out in a blue striped off-the-shoulder top and white jeans that make her ready to enjoy a yummy brunch. The top that she has on is a major trend that is happening now, so you can’t go wrong with having this in your closet this summer season. The white jeans pull the look together with a dressy vibe. I believe white jeans go with almost everything, which is always a plus. They are also a necessity for those cool summer nights. The gold and tan sandals look great together as well. Her reflective sunglasses really stand out and make for a very stylish outfit. Wearing her ring and bracelet adds one more beautiful touch to her clothing, too. The entire outfit will definitely keep everyone talking at the table during brunch.

One Simple Change: Just finished your delicious brunch with your friends and looking forward to going to a concert nearby? Lose the shades and change out your white jeans in exchange for a fashionable jean skirt. With that you are ready to enjoy a fun night dancing and singing with your friends at the show.