Going out to eat is my favorite activity during the summer! Warm weather is a great excuse to reconnect with old friends and enjoy some tasty treats while home for the summer. If you’re attending a brunch, it’s important to dress appropriately depending on the type of atmosphere at the place.

Dresses are the easiest pieces to pull off. They easily give class to your style, even if it’s a casual dress. You can also control it by dressing it up or down with accessories, which helps add your own personality to your look. This Fashionista sported a casual, black dress to her brunch. Summer and tribal embroidery go together like milk and cookies—a perfect match. The small, intricate designs along the collar and hem of the dress make this dress a season must-have.

She brightened up her dark dress with pink accessories. “Pink is my favorite color!” she cheered during her impromptu photoshoot. You can definitely see that with her style choices. Her pink Michael Kors tote helps keep her organized with everything she needs. White and pink pearl bracelets, along with her silver ones, dress up her outfit. To complete the bright look, she wore jeweled sandals. She’s ready to take on the day (but first, coffee!).

One Simple Change: Heading to your summer internship after work? No need to change your outfit then. Throw a light cardigan and a pair of ballet flats in your car to put on when you get back to the office. Now you’ll look professional without sacrificing a great look!