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School is out and summer is in. These warm sunny days are mostly accompanied by outdoor concerts, carnivals, cookouts, ice cream dates and, of course, long shifts at work. The best way to wind down from a chaotic summer schedule is brunch. Putting on your Sunday best with your closest friends for an iced macchiato and a croissant is the most perfect approach to some much needed rest and relaxation. Brunch is always a good idea—always.

This Fashionista’s look is ideal for Sunday brunch. Her style is a fantastic reflection of being fashionable yet comfortable at the same time, which is beyond necessary after a long weekend of summer adventures. Her two-piece ensemble is lightweight and fresh, and is coupled with some chic cat-eye sunglasses and a unique statement necklace. These pieces add some sharp metallic details for a little extra flair. She also rocks some lace-up heeled booties for a trendy finishing touch. An otherwise simple wardrobe can always be brought to life with charming accessories.

One Simple Change: Now that you’ve had your cup of coffee and a taste of what relaxation feels like, it’s time to prepare for another wild week of summer vacation! Heading to the airport soon? Swap out the heeled booties for a pair of casual sandals like some Birkenstocks. These sandals are excellent for traveling. Birkenstocks are so incredibly comfortable, and anyone can spend hours upon hours exploring a new destination in them. Just remember to take a break for brunch.