It’s finally patio season in Toronto, which means going out for brunch is even more gratifying. Sitting on a patio lets you feel the gentle summer breeze, people watch and more importantly, spot cute dogs. So, effortlessly pass the cinnamon sugar and order the Eggs Benedict in a stellar daytime outfit.

This Fashionista’s ensemble proves that combining the minimalist and athleisure trends totally dresses up casual wear, which is the ideal look to go to brunch. Her gray dress fits perfectly, and its neutral color complements her entire outfit. My favorite Toronto brunch spots are Insomnia on Bloor Street West and School in Liberty Village. Nonetheless, Toronto’s weather can be unpredictable. One day it can be sizzling and sunny, then the next day it’s windy and crisp. Take note from this Fashionista because she added a layer of minimalist cool with her oversized black blazer.

Moreover, she makes sure that she’s on time for brunch with a Casio watch and carries around her canvas tote bag from Muji. Despite her bandaged leg, this Fashionista is still kicking it around in her adidas Superstar shoes. As a final touch, she wears her glossy Pyrrha necklace. In fact, it’s handmade in Vancouver and says in Latin, “In lumine luce,” which means “shine in the light.”

One Simple Change: Need an appropriate outfit for that late night concert? Just switch out the blazer for a silk bomber and ditch the tote bag for a smaller satchel. Keep those adidas on because they’re the most comfortable pair of dancing shoes.