June 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

After a long Saturday night spent out with friends, college students know they have one thing to look forward to the next morning upon rolling out of bed around noon—brunch! Brunch, the beloved crossover between breakfast and lunch, is the perfect occasion for friends to swap stories from the previous night, sip iced coffee and snap pictures of their photogenic breakfast foods. Usually the brunch uniform consists of leggings and a hoodie, but why not try wearing something a little more fashionable out to brunch now that the warmth of summer is here?

I found this Fashionista rocking the perfect trendy look for a weekend brunch. Her radiant dress is in a summery shade of yellow and gives off vintage, “’50s housewife vibes,” as she puts it. The off-the-shoulder aspect and button detail make this Fashionista look like she could be headed to a summer music festival, even if she’s only going to the restaurant around the corner. She opted for strappy tan gladiator sandals, which are totally on-trend and brings this vintage look into the 21st century. A delicate white daisy choker adds a unique and unexpected touch, and perfectly accents this feminine outfit. This Fashionista completes her look with mirrored pink aviators and various colorful bracelets and rings.

A sundress and sandals together create the perfect combination for a lazy summer brunch, being both classy and comfortable. Plus, it doesn’t take too much effort to throw on a dress, lace up your sandals and clip on a choker. With an outfit this cute, you won’t be embarrassed to be in the background of your friend’s Snapchat of her food! So, skip the sweatpants and brunch in style!

One Simple Change: Have a graduation party to attend after brunch? Simply put on a floppy hat to shield your face from the unforgiving sun and swap out your sandals for some more formal wedges and you’re ready to celebrate!