At first thought, nothing could make a morning better than french toast, cappuccinos and mimosas with your friends at your favorite new brunch spot downtown. But I’m here to tell you that a great outfit will make that experience all the more better. When you are feeling great, looking great and surrounded by good people and good food, it doesn’t get any better than that.

This Fashionista is dressed to impress for a morning out. The white textured cardigan is perfect for a brisk day, and it pairs so perfectly with the statement toasted coral colored dress. At about knee-length, this is a great choice for a morning brunch and some shopping around afterwards. Wearing two solid pieces can be a great choice for an understated, relaxed weekend morning. If you want to amp up this look, try wearing one textured layer, like this Fashionista. Black boots and a pair of cute lacy socks also pair well for a relaxed yet chic day. To accessorize, wear your favorite medium-sized bag to fit your wallet, sunglasses and lipstick. This Fashionista opted for a super-chic black leather cross-body bag. This matches the sleek edginess of the boots and further complements the chic vibes from her outfit. With all of these components, an instagram-worthy brunch date is soon to commence.

One Simple Change: If you are looking to wear this outfit in the summer, the cardigan could be switched out for a lighter, lacey kimono to be more comfortable under the sun. Also the boots could be swapped for a pair of heeled leather sandals.