Ciao Fashionistas! Here in Florence, Italy, the weather has been fabulous. We ditched the rainy season and welcomed in spring with open arms. The coming of a new season means a coming of a new wardrobe—how exciting!

This Fashionista is wearing a brunch ready ensemble that can also be worn while walking around the narrow and historic streets of Florence. She keeps it neutral and simple for this look and that makes the few aspects of the outfit stand out so much more.

For this look she is sporting a corduroy black, Brandy Melville skirt along with a white, sleeveless, mock neck blouse with a brown leather jacket that pairs perfectly with her tan peep-toe wedges. She keeps her hair simple, down but in a half-up low bun and keeps her makeup fresh for this daytime look. Along with her she has her Ray-Bans sunglasses (because who doesn’t love a pair of sunglasses on a sunny brunch afternoon) and a black leather satchel from a local leather market here in Florence. She wears a few silver rings and the blue one really pops in this neutral outfit. As seen in the photos, the outfit still looks complete if she wants to take off the jacket and get some sun on her shoulders while walking to brunch!

I love that corduroy is so popular again among many stores that college women shop at because it is such a fun material and it works really well for all seasons. This Fashionista channeled her inner Italian fashion with the leather jacket but also threw in some modern looks such as the mock neck and the way she styled her hair.

One Simple Change: Want to take this look from brunch to something you can wear for class? Swap out the peep-toe wedges for a pair of white sneakers and you’ve got yourself a look that is perfect for class and will have people turning their heads while you walk across the quad.

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