March 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

It was a warmer morning in my college town and with a craving for coffee, my friends and I explored a neighborhood filled with houses of every pastel color imaginable. While humming along to Amy Winehouse and heading into our local coffee shop, I came across the most dreamy outfit and snapped some pictures.

Brunch with friends is oddly enough a trend nowadays, but being with creative company discussing music festivals, fashion icons and everything in-between makes the expensive iced coffee taste all the better. I love the concept of a brunch look because it combines all of my favorite things: coffee, food and self-expression. Who says you can’t eat your avocado toast while dressed to impress?

Even though brunch was at a small, coffee shop near campus, the outfit I encountered took me straight back to 1996. This Fashionista sported vintage Calvin Klein, high-waisted jeans paired with a black, patent leather belt that are successfully giving off total DJ Tanner vibes. Included with the ensemble is a simple black turtleneck, that ties in her RAD geometric earrings, adding a cool, interest piece to the look.

The highlight of this outfit is the balance of casual modernity with the splash of Hollywood glam. I am living for the pairing of the athletic sneaker trend with the luxe of the vintage, faux-fur coat. It is a definite cross between ’90s and Rihanna street style. Next, the modern sunglasses, the shoes and bag paired with such killer vintage finds makes it an overall strong, glam look. Take note of this ensemble so you’ll dress to kill on your next brunch date with pals. Order up and serve those looks the next time your friends crave some brunch!

One Simple Change: Although it’s warming up, I am more than willing to wear faux fur in the blazing heat if it means looking this fab to my next outing. However, for the warmer spring months, perhaps switch out the faux fur jacket with a light, bomber jacket. You could even ditch the jacket altogether and make the vintage-wash jeans the statement since denim for spring will never go out of style.