Bear with me for a bit as I present a common scenario afflicting Fashionistas/os across the nation: It’s a glorious near-spring Sunday morning, the sun having risen gently over the horizon, its buttery rays spreading warmth and the general joy associated with sunshine. You, too, have woken up this beautifully and have completed whatever Sunday morning rituals you’re so inclined to complete (church, perhaps, or a stroll through the local farmer’s market). Currently, faint rumbles of hunger have begun stirring in your stomach and, now that you think about it, you could use a little company. What’s a Fashionista/o to do? Why, call up a friend or two and go to brunch, naturally!

Of course, brunch, while a dream to partake in, can be a nightmare to get dressed for. After all, who can name the perfect lazy-but-cute outfit for that charmingly rustic café down the street?

Luckily for us, this Fashionista has all the answers. She donned a lace accented romper for an easy yet elegant one-piece outfit and accessorized with a gorgeous teardrop bib statement necklace in a corresponding color scheme. This sartorial sister tied her classic jean jacket around her waist in case her party decided to dine al fresco, then slipped on her Vogue sunglasses, kate spade watch and sandals and was ready to be seated.

So the next time your pals text you for an impromptu brunch date, recall this gamine genius’s tips. You’ll be ready to feast in style before anyone can even suggest avocado toast and a lavender-honey latte.

One Simple Change: Swap the jean jacket and sandals in favor of some leather for a look that’s sure to stun on your next fall night out.